Color is no stranger to the Plaza District


Oklahoma City’s Plaza District is known for its colorful murals and vibrant storefronts. But do you know the history behind the district’s joyfully covered walls?

The Plaza Walls began in September 2015 through a collaboration between artists and community leaders, Dylan Bradway and Kristopher Kanaly, with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and Urban Design Commission. Today, the 5,160 square feet of walls are managed and produced through the Oklahoma Mural Syndicate (OMS). They change on an annual basis with fresh paint and artistic expression.

On October 2, 2023, the Plaza District will hold their annual Mural Expo. During the Saturday of events, 38 new murals will be displayed for the community. Cold beverages, live music, and other means of enjoyment for the whole family typically accompany the weekend’s events. So mark your calendar, and note: if you visit now, you may get a glimpse of the final moments of the previous year’s murals before a new slew of excitement hits the district.

Though the walls represent only a fraction of Oklahoma City’s incredible public art scene, it’s safe to say they played a role in our city’s recent acclaim as the top city for public art in the nation. They are Instagrammable to the max! Often used as backdrops for senior pictures, profile pics, and photo shoots with friends, these wall scream “fun!”