4 Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content

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Today, it’s easy to capture moments and share them with people around the world. You are your filmmaker and social media platforms have changed direction focusing more on video content. Many people think this means “no more photos” in the app, but it means “time to use the video” in the app. If you want to create a better video and resonate with your audience, try the following video editing tips. Capture great footage and make sure you’re editing a great video that people want to see.

Follow These 4 Video Editing Tips using a Great Video Maker like InVideo To Deliver Great Social Media Content

Tip 1: Record More Square Videos Before You Start With the Editing Process

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You must create your videos as best and clearly as possible on your mobile phones taking full advantage of different screen sizes by recording and posting square or vertical videos. Yes, landscapes are no longer the only orientation worth using. Square-oriented video works well on digitally all social media platforms, especially when viewed across devices. Make the most of the native square camera features of your phone. When shooting in a square frame, you don’t have to worry about trimming important parts of the frame.

Tip 2: Improve the Visuals of Your Video

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Mobile video editing is so sophisticated that you can make several changes to your video to improve the outcome for your social media channels:

  • You can add audio to your short films directly from your mobile phone, but people are more likely to watch the video without audio rather than relying on sound.
  • Use filters to set the tone and mood. Instead of adding narration, add text instead. To mimic the playback state of a mobile video, mute the video while editing. The more attention you pay to the visual elements, the more likely you are to see the entire video.
  • Every frame should be interesting and eye-catching. Especially if it only takes a moment for the viewer to stop and watch or scroll. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to combine simple techniques with a little creativity to create viral videos.
  • In the first few seconds, the viewer has complete control over what they’re looking at, and companies struggle to get the viewer’s attention. The more quickly you can reach and capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, the more likely the viewer will watch the video till the end  rather than scrolling through the video to find something interesting or appealing. When it comes to social media videos, it’s very important to attract and maintain the attention of your viewers.
  • Emotion is a great way to capture your initial interest in videos that include human-like graphics and visuals, or aesthetically pleasing animations. These factors make it much less likely to scroll through without interruption.
  • There are no strict rules for creating fun and entertaining video content. You need to aim for an impressive visual that will appeal to your viewers. One way to do this is to play with the available design elements and transitions provided by the video editor.
  • You can also add graphic stickers and sound elements to add humor. Use special effects, texts, transitions, and more to create video products that entertain your viewers when incorporating fun elements, showing your personality, and adding honest creativity to your video.
  • There are numerous video makers in the market, making it much easier for small businesses to create videos with branding and fun effects.
  • Use a fascinating story that will help make the video more interesting and engaging. Using stories in content, whether for marketing purposes or just as a storyteller, helps to attract the attention of viewers. This doesn’t make your business look like a promotion, but it can get the viewer’s attention, resonate with them, and open up new opportunities for you.
  • Getting the right tone and mood in your marketing videos is very important. One way to live up to expectations is to use visuals, such as adding color graphics. The other is to use background music and sound effects that bring the video to life and keep the viewer’s attention.
  • Make videos compatible by finding the best format for where you want to upload your video.

Tip 3: Optimize the Length of Your Videos According To the Requirements of Social Media Channels

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The length of the video depends on where you upload the content.

  • Facebook: 1 minute – Facebook content is king, so short but interesting videos get the most views, reactions, and shares.
  • Instagram: 30 seconds – Although you can post a photo for up to a minute, Instagram is primarily a visual platform and people are accustomed to scrolling quickly to move to the next image. Users also expect the visual quality of Instagram videos to be about the same as the images.
  • Twitter: 45 seconds – Tweets are short, and Twitter people expect the same brevity from videos.
  • YouTube: 2 minutes or more – YouTube viewers are expecting longer videos on this platform. You can upload a fun and easy vlog or post a 30-minute documentary. As long as your content is powerful, you can increase your views.

 Tip 4: Enjoy the Video Making and Editing Process:

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Increase visual factors – It is the visual appeal of the video that determines the reach and acceptance of the viewer. In most cases, it is the visual element of the on-screen action that attracts the viewer.

  • Don’t be afraid to play with text, frames, and other special effects. These tools help you unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to each clip. Adding fun elements to each video will make your content more enjoyable and personal.
  • Showing your personality and creativity to your viewers will increase your chances of seeing and following the next video or photo you posted.
  • With all the tools and online video editors available, it’s very easy for people and even brands to create video content that suits their brand and aesthetics. Whatever your goals when creating mobile video, you can achieve almost anything from your mobile phone.
  • Remember these video editing tips before posting content on social media platforms

Not only will the following tips and techniques make your next video look better, but they will also increase the number of views and shares.

  1. Enchanting Kinetic Typography – This is a rage these days. With dynamic text and eye-catching backgrounds, you can create great videos that draw the viewer’s attention and convey a message, even if the viewer doesn’t hear any sound. Most sites like Facebook and Instagram automatically mute the video by default. Kinetic types help compellingly convey a message.
  2. Effective CTA – Ending a video with a single subpoena is the best way to ensure that your viewers understand what to do next. Be sure to know when you’re watching another video, buying a product, or signing up for an upcoming event. Delivering the core message behind the video and including an effective CTA (Call to Action) at the end will give your brand the best results. Content creation is effective only when the action is performed on the viewer’s side.
  3. Include captions/subtitles – In minutes, you can use the right tools to add text to video for your video and make it even more accessible. Most videos are watched in offices and classrooms where the audio is muted, so subtitles help consumers enjoy what they’re watching. Subtitles also boost your SEO ranking by exposing your search habits to potential advertisers who want to show their ads on popular sites such as YouTube.
  4. Include jump cuts – These are important for adding humanity to your videos. When you move from one scene or thought to another, talk to others, or make decisions about the next agenda, you do it all day in your head, so the brain does it.
  5. Add Light Effects and Adjust Brightness – Adding light effects in the video editing and video editing process can be a wonder for your business videos.


Ultimately, it’s about creating content that will resonate with your audience and create a personal brand that you can use in the best possible way. These video editing tips will help you get the video to the right format and length, but you must stay authentic. Just because all kinds of cool and eye-catching features are available doesn’t mean you need to use them. Do what is appropriate for your content and context. There is no denying that video editing is a time-consuming process. However, with a simple and efficient video editing tool, you can quickly send a message to viewers who want to know what they have. With enough motivation and creativity, it’s not too difficult to figure out how to edit it yourself. Rather, consider these tips as strict rules and always let go of yourself when you find a creative way to edit a video without limiting yourself.