Formation of a Company in Cyprus


Cyprus Company Formation offers versatility for various purposes and, when structured correctly, provides a tax-efficient method for conducting international business. Furthermore, Cyprus operates based on a system that follows the principles of UK Common Law and complies with EU laws and regulations.

The Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113 is influenced by the English Act of 1948. The common type of company formation in Cyprus is the private limited by shares company.

A limited liability company allows shareholders to be liable up to the value of their shares. Cyprus companies are widely seen as a choice, for international business entities, especially those involved in investment and asset-holding activities. Delve deeper to assess if forming a Cyprus company aligns with your goals, strategy, and corporate ambitions.

Advantages of Establishing a Company in Cyprus


Cyprus has a favorable tax environment boasting one of the lowest tax rates in Europe at 12.5% for companies. They offer tax exemptions on profits from dividends received from abroad or from permanent establishments in other countries under specific conditions. Additionally, interest and dividend taxes paid by companies to resident shareholders are not withheld. Cyprus has a network of double taxation treaties with more than 50 countries, including major ones like Russia, China, the US, and the UK.

Furthermore, there is tax exemption when selling or transferring shares in a company unless the company owns immovable property in Cyprus.

Moreover, there’s an up to 80% tax exemption on profits from licensing or exploitation and gains from intellectual property disposal. Cyprus also provides access to EU Directives.

In terms of confidentiality and anonymity Cyprus companies offer foreign shareholders asset protection and confidentiality through nominee services. While registered shareholders and directors are publicly disclosed to the Registrar of Companies Cyprus law allows maintaining anonymity through nominee services. Vasiliou Law firm provides nominee services ensuring transparency, integrity, trustworthiness, and confidentiality, for clients seeking such protections.

Registering a company in Cyprus is a process that takes about 10 business days. Foreign nationals can fully own companies in Cyprus without any restrictions based on nationality. The beneficial owner doesn’t need to be physically present in Cyprus as all formalities can be handled remotely via email and courier services.

Cyprus companies have a reputation and are well regarded as typical European businesses. This status allows entrepreneurs to operate their businesses lawfully not in Cyprus but also, across Europe and globally.

Incorporation Requirements for Cyprus Company Formation


According to the laws in Cyprus, every Cyprus-based company must have one shareholder. This shareholder can. Be an individual of any nationality or a legal entity, like another company, trust, or foundation.

To maintain the confidentiality of the owner a nominee shareholder can be designated to hold the company’s shares on behalf of the beneficial owner. Upon registration, the nominee shareholder provides the beneficial owner with an open-date share transfer document, allowing the shares to be transferred at any time.

Under the laws of Cyprus, a Cyprus-based company must designate a secretary. The responsibilities and authority of the secretary are determined by the company’s board of directors. Typically involve official tasks like signing banking documents securing loans filing tax returns maintaining records and issuing notifications for board meetings. Our firm offers services to provide an individual who can act as a secretary on behalf of the company.

In compliance with Cyprus regulations, every Cyprus company must have at least one director who wields significant authority as specified in the company’s memorandum and articles of association. To qualify as a tax resident in Cyprus and take advantage of benefits the management and control of the company must be based in Cyprus.

For entrepreneurs interested in establishing a company in Cyprus and obtaining tax residency there it is crucial to ensure that most directors or at least one director reside in Cyprus. One approach to meeting this requirement is through appointing a nominee director—an individual serving as a director under a trust arrangement.

As mandated by Cypriot law every Cyprus-based company must maintain a registered office address for correspondence with regulatory bodies such as the Registrar of Companies, in Cyprus, the Tax Office and the VAT Authority.

This address is for notification purposes and should not be used for business matters like invoicing or establishing corporate identity. Our company offers services, for both registered office locations and business addresses.