Apple Warns That iPhone Camera Can Degrade When Exposed to Intense Vibrations

Apple released a new support document claiming that ‘intense vibrations, such as those from a motorcycle engine’, can negatively impact the iPhone’s camera performance.

The newly-posted content explains in detail how high amplitude vibrations at certain frequencies can cause issues with the iPhone’s camera. The document specifically mentioned high volume and high power motorcycle engines as possible threats.

Apple notes that errant device movement in the iPhone camera is reduced with closed loop autofocus and image stabilization technologies, and while the components were built with durability in mind it can degrade when exposed to long-term vibrations.

The Cupertino-based company recommends not putting the iPhone on high-powered motorcycles. Furthermore, mounts with vibration-dampening features should be used when affixing the iPhone on scooters and mopeds. Prolonged periods of use is also discouraged.

Some iPhone owners have reported camera system failures which may have prompted the release of the support document, but the problem doesn’t seem to be widespread.


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