Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

Ya’ll. I feel like I blinked and the holiday season was halfway over. I don’t know how October and November went by in such a flash but they did and it’s officially Thanksgiving week. And that means Christmas will be here and gone before I know it and it will be 2023 and I’ll be 30…WHAT!

All that to say, I still have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear to Thanksgiving….. I’ve been in a major blogger/social media/outfit rut lately. I’ve been leaning away from the fashion/beauty blogger stuff and focusing more on lifestyle and travel content (both near and far) because that is what really inspires me, what I enjoy creating and what my end goal of blogging has always been. Of course what I’m wearing still matters to me and I’ll always love a good outfit, so I try to include fun clothes in my wanderlust-y posts. BUT, since my posts as of late haven’t been solely focused on clothes, I feel like I haven’t been on top of my outfit game as much as I was this time last year!
Sooooo, partly to help myself figure out what to wear and partly because a few of you asked for it, I’m rounding up a bunch of fall outfits from this year that could be worn for Turkey Day! A lot of these outfits could work regardless of if you get dressed up for a dinner on china or if you eat on paper plates at a card table in your aunt’s living room…..orrrrr if you need an outfit to walk off that stuffing and take a tryptophan nap!

For me, a Thanksgiving day outfit MUST be comfortable because I’ll be on my feet all day. It must be flowy enough to hide a food baby while still being flattering, look “fall-y” and it must be semi-dressy because you know I’ll be taking pictures! Also, I’ve learned from past year’s mistakes and refuse to wear anything with flowy bell sleeves….it makes filling plates and passing dishes hard because your sleeves fall into everything! What do you look for in a Thanksgiving outfit?

Tell me, how are you celebrating the holiday weekend? We are spending Turkey Day with my in-laws in Stillwater this year and going to the Bedlam football game (Oklahoma State v. OU) which is a HUGE in-state rivalry…Go Pokes! Plus, the day before Thanksgiving is actually the anniversary of Cole and my first date so that’s always fun to celebrate, too! We got sushi on our first date which I do not recommend… is hard to eat sushi, talk and look cute at the same time hahaha.

Whatever your plans are, remember to be thankful for things big and small, enjoy your pie and have an amazing week with your loved ones!